Botox FAQ

What is Botox? 

BOTOX® is the most popular wrinkle relaxer worldwide that is safe and proven anti-aging treatment.  It is effective in significantly softening moderate to severe wrinkles, commonly called expression lines, such as Crow’s Feet Lines (around eyes), Frown Lines (between eyes – also known as the Glabellar area), and Forehead Lines, and Smokers Lines.  BOTOX® can also be used to give a Brow Lift effect by improving the position and shape of the eyebrow.  Typical results last four to six months. Once injected, it can last between 3-4 months depending on person’s metabolism.

Can you be over-treated or under-treated for Botox? 

Yes – First visit is a Free consultation which will give you an approximation of how much Botox is needed to relax the muscles- this will depend on the type of muscle treated and the individual. We at Rejuva try to be conservative on the initial visit because we know that it is a lot easier to add Botox if needed than to remove Botox if over treated.

Is there a reversal agent for botox?  

Unfortunately, there is no reversal agent for Botox or any other neurotoxin. It will have to take its time before the effects are gone. Hence, it is very important to know who is injected and how many years of experience do they have.